Miriam Román's English On-line Corner
Miriam Román's English On-line Corner
4th CSE
Miriam Román's English On-line Corner
Useful Links
Unit 1 How many ways to help!
Unit 2 U love tech!
Unit 3: Picasso, a life of art
Unit 4 Once Upon a Time
Unit 5 Get the best review
Unit 6 Help for our future world
Unit 7 Peace is the way
Unit 8 Interculture
Unit 9 Be careful!
Unit 10 What do I know?
Unit 11 What an amazing place!
Unit 12 The Big Bang Theory
Unit 13 Sporting Life
Unit 14 Teen Likes
Unit 15 Summertime
English On-line Corner is a web where you can find all the Internet resources you need during the course.

You have all the links for the 15 units of the English course and you must read and follow all the given instructions in each case for having a successful result; and according to the type of the activities and task you can work in pairs or in small groups.

In each term you will have 5 different units.